Portable, non-destructive elastomeric 3D imaging systems.

GelSight develops portable, non-destructive elastomeric 3D imaging systems used to improve quality control processes in aerospace, automotive and other high-value industries. Our proprietary technology provides extremely detailed and rapid surface measurements through an elastomeric sensor technology invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

GelSight Mobile™

GelSight Mobile™ is a handheld instrument that precisely visualizes and measures the 3D topography of any surface, revealing microscopic structures that are difficult to see under ordinary circumstances. The tool can be used on any surface, including metal or glass, due to GelSight’s elastomeric sensor.

Main Features


3D measurements and data file provided within seconds of capture


Ergonomic, easy-to-use for immediate data in the field or on factory floor


Incredibly detailed and reliable micron-level 3D measurements


Measure any material (metal, glass, carbon fiber) or surface (reflective, transparent)

Why GelSight?


High-accuracy quantitative 3D data for entire surface vs. depth gauge or 2D profilometer

Easy, immediate, and repeatable results vs. laborious or time-consuming processes can be conducted in situ without destruction of disassembly to send off-site

Works with reflective and transparent surfaces, such as metal or glass



Reduces waste/scrap  and non-quality costs

Decreases capital need for inventory

Improves throughput/productivity for high-cost parts. Enhances documentation/audit trail of data for later reference

How it Works


The elastomeric sensor conforms to the surface topography, revealing detailed surface features regardless of lighting conditions or material reflectivity, e.g., specularity or translucency.

The surface detail is displayed on contact, giving instant visual feedback.


The 3D depth map is calculated from images of the surface, providing position, depth, and other derived surface measurements at a high resolution.

Gel Cartridge


The gel can feel the detail of any surface on contact.