Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

Tool inspection through to the surface topology quality of printed devices (plastics and metals)

GelSight enhances the inspection process with its speed, digitization of precision measurements or defect inspection with better repeatability and resolution than existing methods or measuring roughness (Ra and Sa) of printed artifacts and devices, to surface offsets and general consistency of products in additive manufacturing.





Use Cases

Surface roughness & finish

X-Y measurements

Hole circularity and centeredness

Offsets between surfaces


Measurement of Hole Diameters

This paper describes several experiments designed to quantify the performance of the GelSight Mobile system on measuring hole diameters. 

Measurement Performance Characterization

This report describes measurement performance studies for quantifying the accuracy and repeatability of small scratch depth measurements made using the GelSight MobileTM 0.5X system. 

Measuring Offset with a $100 Bill

Join us as we showcase how the GelSight Mobile can take an offset measurement of the raised signature on a $100 bill.

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