Ballistics, CSI & Toolmark inspection, Counterfeit & Tampered products

Through GelSight’s use of optical virtual comparative microscopy, a digital image can be used to correlate spent gun cartridges to a seized weapon using GelSight images combined with AI/ML image processing libraries, comparison of suspected counterfeit products to the original equipment manufacturer specification, inspection of drug delivery devices which are discrete transparent packages.

GelSight proudly partners with Cadre Forensics for ballistics. Cadre Forensics’ Virtual Comparison Microscopy (built upon the GelSight photometric stereo platform with unique elastomeric gel cartridges) tools have been validated by peer reviewed publications and independent studies conducted by the U.S. FBI and Canada’s RCMP.


Bullet cartridges



Human fingerprints

Luxury goods



Use Cases

Optical imaging and virtual comparison of crime scene toolmarks


Luxury goods

Medical devices


Measurement of Hole Diameters

This paper describes several experiments designed to quantify the performance of the GelSight Mobile system on measuring hole diameters. 

Measuring the Surface Finish on a Turbine Blade

Join us as we showcase how the GelSight Mobile can measure the roughness of a turbine blade.

Measuring Offset with a $100 Bill

Join us as we showcase how the GelSight Mobile can take an offset measurement of the raised signature on a $100 bill.

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