Space & Aerospace (Civilian and Military)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) for primary manufacturing through maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) of engines and fuselages

With its capability for rapid inspection, digitization of precision measurements or defects and better repeatability and resolution than existing methods, GelSight is ideal for the highly reflective and transparent surfaces common in space & aerospace.


Highly reflective metals

Transparent surfaces

Airfoils, composites

Plastics and glass

Use Cases

Engine component analysis

Fastener inspection

Turbine blade radius

Pit detection

Hole measurements (circularity & centeredness)

Weld bead inspection

Scratches & dents

Pipeline & tube inspection


Measurement of Hole Diameters

This paper describes several experiments designed to quantify the performance of the GelSight Mobile system on measuring hole diameters. 

Measurement Performance Characterization

This report describes measurement performance studies for quantifying the accuracy and repeatability of small scratch depth measurements made using the GelSight MobileTM 0.5X system. 

Aerospace Overview

GelSight is a portable, non-destructive elastomeric 3D imaging system for any surface. The tool can be used on any surface, including metal or glass, due to GelSight’s elastomeric sensor.

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