Software Updates

August 1, 2020

GelSight is pleased to announce that GSMobile 2.0 is now available! We are confident the improvements we’ve made with this release will enable even better results using your GelSight Mobile Probe.

Our thanks to our users for giving us feedback and insights about your experiences using our product. We’ve used it as our inspiration and guide to deliver even greater capabilities to you.

We encourage you to download and install GSMobile 2.0 to take full advantage of the new features and improvements.

In addition to the software update, we are also releasing a new version of the GelSight Mobile User’s Manual.

If you have questions about this new release, please contact us at

Screenshot of GSMobile 2.0

To download GSMobile 2.0 (.exe), Release Notes (.pdf), and the new User’s Manual (.pdf), please enter your email address below: